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Do you (or would you want to) work in an autocratic, democratic, or consultative work environment? What might be the advantages and disadvantages of each?

I would prefer to work in a democratic work environment, because there would be a clear leader, but all of us would be involved in the decision making and problem solving processes, I think the others also have good things, specially the consultative one, but for me the democratic is the one that has the best balance between the role of the leader and the role of the follower.

Autocratic Advantages:
  • ·         Very organize.
  • ·         Strong figure of leadership.
Autocratic Disadvantages:
  • ·         Low or no participation of the workers in the decision making process.
  • ·         Hostile environment.
Democratic Advantages:
  • ·         Participative style.
  • ·         Employees are aware of the situation of the enterprise.
Democratic Disadvantages:
  • ·         Sometimes what the majority wants is not the best.
  • ·         Not every one has the knowledge to take good decisions.
Consultative advantages:
  • ·         Friendly environment.
  • ·         Great participation of everyone.
Consultative Disadvantages
  • ·         There is not a strong figure of leadership.
  • ·         Certain information should not be share with everyone   
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