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Think of a change you would like to make in your life. Using Lewin’s force field analysis for that change. How will you overcome the forces for the status quo? How will you make sure to “refreeze” following the change? Summarize your analysis in an action plan.

A change I would like to make in my life is waking up earlier in the morning so I would have more time to do what I want.

  • ·         I am getting late to all my classes.
  • ·         I do not have enough time to do everything I need to do.
  • ·         I do not do exercise because I wake up really late and I do not have time to do it.
  • ·         I am doing well at the university even if I arrive late to my classes.
  • ·         I feel rested all day because I sleep for several hours.
  • ·         I do all that I need to do even if I have a time pressure.
I would like to overcome the forces of the status quo because even if my life is great right now, one can always get better, it is true that I do everything I have to do even if I have time pressure, but it would be better to have more free time to enjoy my day, also I feel rested all day, but I also got stressed because time sometimes is not enough for me and even if a do great at the university, I can do a better job if I wake up earlier and have more time to study.
I would make sure to refreeze my new way of thinking by really waking up earlier in the day, I am sure that after I see the difference in my life, I would never go back and all my new activities and attitudes would be “freezed”. I know that things would only go better so, why coming back?.

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