miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Since diversity is a source of competitive advantage, what could be the recruitment strategies to effectively target to diverse groups? What would be the consequences of ignoring diversity?

The recruitment strategies to effectively target to diverse groups for me would be:
  • ·         Look for people that are different, but that are also confortable with being with different people to avoid conflicts.
  • ·         Look for people whose characteristics are different from the others, but no just different but also useful.
  • ·         Treat people always with respect even if you do not share their way of thinking.
  • ·         Encourage differences among employees.
The consequences of ignoring diversity can be that you are not embracing different points of view, your point of view is not always the best, so it is good to count with people that thinks different. Also if you do not pay attention to diversity, your employees can get offended because they think their way of being is not appreciated. Also like the question says, you could be abandoning a really good source of competitive advantage.

Image retrieved from http://www.humanext.com/diversity-at-work.html

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